The concept is simple; the impact is huge

The Superhero Project encourages strength through creative outlets for patients at N.C. Children’s Hospital. Our project hopes to demonstrate that creativity, courage and kindness are superpowers in their own regard by pairing patients at N.C. Children’s with local and student artists. The children and artists will team up to create superheroes and comic books modeled after the children themselves. The artists will then turn the children’s work into professionally done comic books. The Superhero Project serves to harness and pay-forward the strength that is in creativity. 

The Superhero Project is designed to teach kids that creativity, courage, and kindness will change the world.


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Kids at the UNC Children's Hospital are getting the chance to save the day

Nic Rardin | Published 08/29/16 10:20pm

Some kids dream of being a superhero; sophomores Jack Davis and Ellie Lewis are helping kids at UNC Children’s Hospital live out that dream.

“We work with the Children’s Hospital and local comic book artists and UNC students to work one on one with patients. Those designs by the kids are taken by the artists and are transformed into professional comic book designs,” Davis said.

Davis said he used to do most of his studying in the hospital which was where he first got the idea for The Superhero Project from an adorable source.

“This random kid, in the late hours of the night, the night before one of my exams, just came up to me and started writing on my notebook and he wrote ‘good luck on your test tomorrow,'" he said. "That just really struck a chord with me because it was just this precious act that really motivated me."

Davis said he wants to focus his project toward building a sense of community and connecting with the patients.

“We are about teaching kids that there’s strength in creativity," he said. "The facets of our organization are creativity, courage and kindness, and we feel that is largely embedded in the concept of a superhero.”

Lewis said she and Davis were mutual friends and he came to her with his idea looking for some help making it happen. “He had a literal pamphlet ready when I met him. He had a faculty advisor and everything, he was ready to go,” Lewis said.

Lewis said she helps Davis handle a lot of the planning.

“She keeps me grounded,” Davis said.

The two met in Washington, D.C. while on different internships and began brainstorming for their project. “(Washington) D.C. was the first time we talked about this and Jack really challenged me to be a big part of it,” Lewis said.

Davis and Lewis are working with UNC postdoctoral fellow Ben Bolling to get the project rolling. A panel director at the NC Comicon, Bolling said he had plenty of connections with comic book artists and was eager to help Davis reach his goal.

“Jack came to me with a fully fledged idea that was great,” Bolling said. “What strikes me as being smart about it is that it’s a great combination of artistic collaboration, service and pushing one’s own boundaries.”

Though he is providing guidance and assistance getting The Superhero Project up and running, Bolling said that he hasn’t really had to do very much.

“That’s part of the great thing about working with UNC undergrads,” he said. “You all tend to get the work done on your own.” @NicRardin

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