Founder: Jack Davis

Year: Senior

Major: Human Development and Family Studies and Political Science

Hometown: Lexington, N.C. 

Why did you start the Superhero Project: I was sitting in the Children's Hospital one day, when a random kid came up to me and start drawing and writing notes on my notebook. It struck a chord with me, and the idea for this project surfaced. 

Executive Director: Joanne Thayil

Year: Senior

Major: Biology and Anthropology, with a minor in chemistry

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C. 

Favorite superhero: The Flash — he's really cool, and although he's dealt with a lot of trauma and heartache over his life, he always remains positive and always works toward helping the greater good!

Graphics Director: Lahari Pullakhandam

Year: Senior 

Major: Computer Science, with a minor in cognitive science 

Hometown: Cary, N.C. 

Favorite superhero: Scarlet Witch — she's incredibly cunning and agile! 

Finance Director: Lexi Powers

Year: Senior 

Major: Economics, with a double minor in entrepreneurship and philosophy, politics and economics 

Hometown: Davidson, N.C. 

Favorite superhero: Da da da da da da da da, batman! 

Publishing Director: Kristen Brown

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Communications, with a minor in hispanic studies 

Hometown: Weddington, N.C. 

Favorite superhero: My favorite superhero is undoubtedly Captain America. He is not only incredibly selfless, compassionate, and loyal, but he proves that anyone can become anything if they are brave enough to try to make a difference.

Hospital Relations Director: Maya Parvathaneni

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Psychology, with a double minor in neuroscience and studio art 

Hometown: Greensboro, N.C. 

Favorite superhero: Spiderman, because he always tries to help out anyone he can! He does his best to do the right thing, even if things don't end up the way he wants.