All artwork is done by student/local artists close to the Chapel Hill area. 



All artwork is done by student/local artists close to the Chapel Hill area. 

Each year, we ask our graphics committee members to draw their own personal superheroes. These heroes could be reflections of themselves, characters with traits they admire or complete figments of their imagination. The following are done by student and local artists from the 2017-2018 school year. 

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Her parents were killed when she was very young, and after bouncing around foster homes, she was forced to live on the streets. She spent her nights in an abandoned factory when, one day, she saw a man getting robbed. Using her backpack as her weapon, she fought off the robber and saved the man. After that, he took her in and made her a part of his family. Realizing she wanted to continue to help people, she trained to become a master of martial arts. Now, by day, she attends her new high school, attempting to make new friends. By night, she fights crime and helps those in need. 





Callie Everheart, otherwise known as The Calligrapher, possesses the ability to make anything she draws or writes come to life with magical red ink. With her trust calligraphy pen and her loyal steed, Sugar, she roams the land using her abilities to help out in any way she can — tackling problems big and small. She has a fiery personality and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind or take chances to complete a mission. Though this is undoubtedly one of her most admirable qualities, her recklessness can sometimes land her in trouble! 



Glitch is a next-gen superhero! An avid video game and music fan, she used to spend her days locked in her room playing video games. One day, she picked up a mysterious, unnamed video game disk off the ground on her way to school. The moment she played the game back at home, she got sucked in to the gaming console. She found that within the digital world, she could glitch from game universe to game universe until she finally managed to return back to reality. Playful and mischievous at heart, she has "borrowed" a powerful mask from one of the video game universes that enables her to warp into any digital space she can think of. With her ability to control all technology, she can shut down, hack and animate any technological device or system. Her powers enable her to teleport anywhere in the real world easily because the world is overrun with smartphones and laptops for her to pop out of! (Perhaps it's time to shut down all technology.) Despite her love for advanced tech, her latest digital confrontation has led Glitch to appreciate the value of unplugged traditional lifestyle. She likes to wear a balance of old and new to express herself. She gets easily distracted though, so she needs music to keep her focused. 



“Glow,” aka Susanne (Suzey) Link, was raised in a small town in Arizona, but is actually from another galaxy, her parents having escaped just moments before the star where she was born imploded. Since she was so young when she was originally exposed to Earth’s atmosphere, she developed strong healing powers. She only recently learned that she wasn’t actually human, and although she usually is able to assume human form flawlessly, she simply isn’t able to change her silvery hair or conceal the eye on the side of her thigh. Most people just assume it’s a tattoo, which is lucky for her! 

She no longer lives with her family, desiring to travel, learn, and use her power for good. However, she never fails to call and check in on her parents and answer any questions about weird human gadgets (what IS a spatula??). 




Abby is a spitfire, headstrong girl with the power to manipulate water in all forms — liquid, solid and gas. She grew up in Iowa, a landlocked state filled with fields and flat lands where there was little to no opportunity to hone in her skills. But after moving to the coast for college, she recognized and master her abilities. Now, she calls herself The Wave, a term coined by locals after she began using her powers to stop evil doers in the city. 











Cata is a woman of unknown origin (presumably Northern Africa) and was found in a boat off the coast of Italy at the age of 4. Her name comes from the Greek root word for "completely," which contrasts her physical state. It is rumored that her parents cast her aside because of her missing limb at birth. In Italy, no one wanted her except for a group of servants that worked in the temple dedicated to Vulcan; this was mostly due to her affinity with metal work, which was noticeable even at a young age. Within a short time, Vulcan himself end up taking pity on her because he, too, knew what it felt like to be left out due to one's appearance. Vulcan then gifted her with her own moving metal leg that moved with her body — just like a normal leg would. To show her thanks, Cata dedicated her life to working in his temple and as a blacksmith. He continued to give her knowledge as a reward and soon, she could make weapons and inventions like none other before her. Occasionally, she would even use these to enhance her own bodily functions, causing her to live longer than any normal human could. She generally only helps people who are in need due to matters out of their own control, usually birth defects or other physical ailments, and hates when she can't solve her problems with science, math and tools. 


Having came from a Korean family that has its root as special guards for the rulers of Silla Kingom, Seulki Lee always had been born with the abilities to transform and manipulate shadows at will. It's always been a family tradition to use this power for the general good of the people, and so for hundreds of year, after the Silla Kingdom was lost, the head of the Lee family committed themselves as hidden protectors of the land. Seulki had this ingrained in mind but did not like the prospect of being tied down like this and to be burdened with duty. After much falling out with their family, Seulki decides to go study abroad in America where they could be as far as possible from familial restraints. At first Seulki enjoyed living without words such as duty and obligations looming of them, however years of being indoctrinated with a self of justice don't just disappear over night. Whenever they see someone getting robbed/hurt, Seulki would secretly use their shadow abilities to help the person. After some time, they found it hard to use their power secretly, so decided to use whatever was in their closet to hide their appearance and went to patrol the night. Before long, they were spending much of their nightlife going around being the superhero "Shadow" while being a full-time student during the day. 




In 2009, the devastating Tropical Storm Ondoy claimed the life of the youngest son of the Filipina mother. Ripped from his mother's arm, Edenn thrashed against the surge of the storm. Contrary to popular belief, storms are born out of greed, hatred and a God's hand; within each eye roams two enigmas, manifestations of chaos and order in beings known to men. Edenn was brought to the center where the two beings, who took the forms of fish, sheltered him from final blow of the storm. God took pity on his son and coaxed Edenn's soul from his ravaged body, granting it ascension into Heaven. At the tender age of six years old, Edenn chose to stay in the living world to join the two beings and watch over his motherland through the weakness, corruption and destruction. He knows that from a single event there will be a call from the bottom, and he wanted to watch over all he loves and has ever known in the surging tide of the revolution. 




After a technologically-advanced alien civilization had been destroyed and invaded by a vicious and merciless enemy race in an intergalactic war, one of the surviving soldiers escaped in a starship. Encountering the Milky Way Galaxy, she spotted a planet with swirls of gray and white, with splotches of vibrant blues and greens on its surface. It was on this planet that she stumbled across a young farmer on the island of Puerto Rico, and she fell in love with the man. After a few years, Estrella was born. 

Estrella had always been a quiet and reserved individual and preferred to keep watch over her friends and family and observe the world around her. Among her peers, she had always felt like an oddball because of her peculiar ability to feel astronomical rhythms and manipulate the atoms which constituted the earth and its atmosphere, which she tended to do unintentionally in times of emotional distress. Although she distanced herself from her peers, her admiration and love for the many unique individuals whom she had watched throughout her life had filled her a sense of protectiveness. She strived to dedicate her abilities toward helping the humans whose ambitions, struggles, determination and courage had left her in awe. 


Armed with her knowledge of the past and hyper-awareness of the future, Legaci fights crimes of ignorance and hate. Powerful and strong, Legaci has an elegant way of fighting that looks almost like she is dancing to the beat of a far-away song. Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, Legaci was taught the power of compassion and importance of loyalty at a young age. With the help of her friends and her books, Legaci can help anyone achieve justice. 









Chandrini is a young demi-god full of teen angst and womanly ferocity! She is a patron of the god Shiva, The Destroyer. Born at the bottom of the ocean, she draws strength from the ebb and flow of the tide and moon. Her weapon of choice is her silver sickle that’s shaped like a lunar phase. She uses her opal arm-band that has the all-knowing properties of Shiva’s third eye, to assess sticky situations and calculate the most efficient attack or escape. Chandrini is quick and clever, but resorts to humor and ill-timed water puns when nervous, making her the awkward one at any demi-god party. She tries her best, and even though she’s gotten a few scratches along the way, she kicks some mean sea monster butt!

Lahari Pullakhandam is the Graphics Director for The Superhero Project. Contact her at to get involved with the Graphics Committee. 






The art below was completed by Isaac Espitia, Leah Gray Hinshaw, Gloria Jing and Carolyn Liu for the 2016-2017 school year.  are done by student and local artists from the 2016-2017 school year. 

Supported by a Robert E. Bryan Fellowship from the APPLES Service-Learning Program, an offering of the Carolina Center for Public Service at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.